Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit
Digital Transformation Masterclass
Friday 15th June (Dublin City Centre venue to be confirmed)
This one-day workshop is for 30 attendees only. Inspired and invigorated from the Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit you will use this energy to map out your own digital transformation strategy.  
Attendees will come along for a variety of reasons, because I understand that each organisation will be at different junctures in their digital transformation. So, it doesn’t matter if you are at consideration stage, early beginnings, advanced or even reviewing an existing digital transformation plan. 
My blueprint will help you to: 
  •  Benchmark what you already have in place
  •  Follow a tried and tested blueprint to spur on progress 
  •  Develop a framework to pitch to senior leaders 
  •  Audit existing practices against best practice 
  •  Develop new ideas and strategies to elevate internal digital performance 
Joanne Sweeney Burke -
What to expect?
Working directly with Joanne, you will review your current digital communications strategy and develop a roadmap for change.
You will learn best in class practices and processes when it comes to digital communications.

Sharing experience in a safe and confidential environment with your peers.
Gaining valuable feedback and direction while working on your plan.

Opportunity to work on your digital transformation plan with time and space to think and consider.

Workshop outline
1 - Pre-workshop activity review: sent to all attendees one-week before the Masterclass 
2 - The roadmap 
3 - Serving your digital ecosystem 
4 - Mapping your audience expectations 
5 - Investigating digital infrastructure
6 - Reviewing work flows and skills 
7 - Social media management 
8  - Content strategy 
9 - Crisis communications  
10 - Systems, policies and processes 
11 - Measuring success 
Friday 15th June (Dublin City Centre venue to be confirmed)
Working with Joanne directly, you will review your current digital communications strategy and develop a roadmap for change

The workshop will take place from 10am-4.30pm.

Your VIP ticket includes the one-day Summit and the one-day Digital Transformation Masterclass.
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Organised by Joanne Sweeney-Burke,
founder of Digital Training Institute and public sector communications expert.
Joanne Sweeney-Burke
“The discipline of digital communications for public interest messaging is unique. You cannot solve the problems of the public as you might solve the problem of paying customers. This is a very different relationship.

The Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit will blend digital and social trends with the needs of marketing and communications professionals working for Government agencies, in political parties and in policing. 

This event will help you benchmark where your organisation is digitally, you will gain inspiration from best in class case studies and you will no doubt return to work with a different mindset. 

Let one day out of the office transform your whole year!"

- Joanne Sweeney-Burke
Personalised Digital
Transformation Workshop?
If you would like Joanne to deliver this workshop solely to your organisation on a separate date then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 
Email or call Joanne on 087 6237373. 
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